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iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 new colors and storage spaces lined rumorIn less than a week exactly to the announcement of the iPhone 7 (September 7, remember), rumors are multiplying around the next Apple smartphone. It is rumored today that would benefit from 5 different colors and that Apple would abandon indeed versions 16 and 64 GB.

An iPhone concept by 7 Morning Hajek.
A concept of the iPhone 7 by Morning Hajek.

IPhone 7 blue ? Leaks in the images could leave even think it a few weeks ago, but certainly were from models. A new image showing part of the slice (one to insert a SIM card) iPhone 7 shows that Apple should offer a new color this year, "Black Space" or "Black sidereal" if we follow translations of the official website .

leak color iphone

The iPhone 7 would be available in five different colors. The four traditional, as we already know with the iPhone 6S or Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Pink Gold and finally the fifth color in black. Black same as the Apple Watch or Mac Pro in 2013 and would be slightly more brilliant. Finally, it seems that the sidereal gray color slightly darker than in previous years.

Both 16 and 64 GB in the closet?
Also in the goshawks rumors the next iPhone 7, various sources indicate that Apple would count indeed double the storage spaces of all iPhone versions 7. Currently, iPhone 6S, Apple only offers 16 versions, 64 or 128 GB. with the iPhone 7, Apple will double the storage space and increase to 32, 128 and 256 GB. the leaker Malignant, has published information about it on Twitter, information cross-checked by other rumors from Weibo . The rumor is not new ( we talk about a 256 GB version since January ), but a week of the announcement of the phone, it has more consistency.

30 Août
The Malignant @the_malignant
#iPhone7 #iPhone7Plus LELEDA (China largest apple wholesaler) [PURPORTED] internal report about *expected* retail prices in China
The Malignant @the_malignant
32 GB 5288 RMB (791 USD)
128 GB 6088 RMB (911 USD)
256 GB 7088 RMB (1060 USD)
12:05 - 30 Août 2016
23 23 Retweets 16 16 j'aime
Finally, remember that we wrote a summary complete record of everything that the iPhone is known 7 . Both phones will be announced next Wednesday the 7 September . A conference announced that the drafting of the Journal du Geek follow all the live evening from 18 pm French time.

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