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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017 Wishes & Images

A bit sad about the probability that no-one will actually read this until around June 2017..

But anyway - wishing you all a very peaceful and relaxed time with your loved ones and all good things in a bright, healthy and happy year for 2016.

Thanks Hilary. You were almost right. This didn't come up in the feed until today for me. Not quite 2017 but still later than ideal for season's greetings.

Thank-you and ditto to all the readers on the forum.

Dorothy, I too am perplexed about a few spam links, or at least they look like spam to me, creeping into the postings. Strange promotional web links at the end of comments and also that other posts, don't draw through into the digest automatically. I know we have had that gripe before.

As the functionality of the forum 'improves' it does not necessarily lead to an improvement in the user experience. Maybe 2016 is the year for the forum to get to grips with that once and for all.

I hope you have a Greaty Christmas and an even better NEW YEAR!

(Just to prove I have read your posting!Happy ) and all the other sensible ones you regularly post!


Gerry P

Merry Christmas everyone! A big thank you too to Garry Platt who did us a great session at the Yorkshire TJ group for Christmas on problem solving with groups!? Thanks to everyone who came and put up with my new baby Hugo!! Email me if you'd like to join the distribution list for these non profit events in 2016!! Have a happy and healthy new year!
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