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Laser treats vascular disease

Skin disease that causes the appearance of scars high on the surface of the skin due to increased form collagen, which leads to the formation of clumps of up to "1" cm or more on the skin surface and will last for years, and abound several in the chest, shoulder, back and be different sizes and shapes.
Doctors confirm as reported by the newspaper that there are several ways to treat including the use of cortisone injections in different concentrations month and the use of cooling textured liquid nitrogen before giving the injection Topical steroids, can also be used silicon material in the form of patches and put them for several hours to help alleviate these scars.
The doctors advised the patient need to tell your doctor or surgeon before making any pathological process in history. There is the possibility of treating these scars, especially if they are using a new laser light and vascular several sessions to get satisfactory results.
Initial attempts in the 1980s to utilize the "laser" to treat peripheral vascular disease led to a clinical debacle: wavelengths and methods were not optimized; tissue heating was excessive, resulting in resistors.
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