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Nutrition for bodybuilders

Therefore, every athlete who seeks reduction of subcutaneous fat, it is recommended to take after training only protein drink. With a full meal is recommended to wait at least another 45 minutes after receiving the protein.
Tomah her zinger author is the principal consultant, nutrition, Ltd., which is responsible for the professional quality and service levels.
Nutrition is a consulting company that focuses on healthy lifestyles and provides comprehensive advice on the rational reduction and sports nutrition combined with movement.
Nutrition is your personal coach for food and sport. More about the company can be Metabolism (III)
The first part, brought about metabolism in the previous section , I have tried to outline the issues of the basal metabolism.
Now we stop at diseases that affect basal metabolism, also explain the remaining part of the total energy expenditure.
Discussing the impact of sport events on metabolism, metabolism in sleep and the influence of fat burners on the metabolic rate
3rd The impact of the disease on basal metabolism
Some organ dysfunction may cause changes in the hormonal regulation of our body, which can have a negative impact on the level of the basal metabolism.
These defects cause attenuation our metabolism and vice versa.
Thyroid disease If someone is suffering from thyroid disease is due to optimal metabolic pathways very handicapped. During untreated underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), the metabolic activity decreases.
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