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Conditioning Versus Pointing

Conditioning is a broad term and I choose to be more specific in this area. As gamefowlbreeder and cock fighter I employ natural conditioning for Battle Stags, Battle Cocks, and Brood Stock differently. Natural conditioning is where I try to use natural products and vitamin supplements to get the game fowl into excellent physical and mental condition. My natural conditioning method is not complicated or unique in the game fowl world. I will try to explain each method after I explain a bit about Pointing.

Pointing is that final physical and mental preparation usually beginning 36 hours before the fight or sabong. During the Pointing period we monitor their foods and water, institute some form of carbohydrate loading to augment their muscular performance and monitor their weight. We are also careful to give them much rest during this period. I do not advocate using other than vitamin B-12, B-complex like Sagupaans Complexor 3000 and water soluble vitamins and electrolytes when Pointing your birds. Personally, Using steroids, or hormone supplements and of course the ever famous, guaranteed to make your birds win, “Kipuku” elixir injectable to use 2 hours before the fight will eventually result in disasterous results. My advice….. Keep it natural! Keep it real!
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