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Firebird Gamefarm Yellow Leg Hatch - Trio (Class A)

Posted On:
May 7, 2013
Posted By:
» Rizal
Firebird Gamefarm Yellow Leg Hatch

Fighting Style - Shifty, Intelligent Powerful Punchers

Bloodline: From Joe Sanford.It originated from Clerence Stewart and Ray Hoskins
Physical: Good-looking
Fighting Style: Powerful hard-hitting, deliberate blows, excellent cutting

Class A - Php 40,000
Class B - Php 22,000

Broodstag/Pure Stag
Class A - Php 20,000
Class B - Php 10,000

Pullet/Pure Pullet
Class A - Php 10,000
Class B - Php 6,000

Class A - Php 30,000
Class B - Php 16,000
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